Recently published Hakluyt Society volumes

Recently published Hakluyt Society volumes

Recently issued Hakluyt Society volumes

THIRD SERIES 41. Nigel Statham and Ian C. Campbell, eds.: An Account of the Natives of the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. 2023.  552 pages, 27 B/W Illustrations.

Distributed to members during 2023.

THIRD SERIES 40: Colin Heywood and Edmond Smith, eds.: The Levant Voyage of the Blackham Galley (1696 – 1698) / The Sea Journal of John Looker, Ship’s Surgeon. 2022. 280 pages, 16 colour plates, 3 maps.

Distributed to members during 2022.

THIRD SERIES 39: Michael Brennan, ed.: English Travellers to Venice, 1450-1600. 2022, pp. xxxiv+433, 16 maps, 27 colour plates, 45 b/w illustrations, 29-page introduction, timeline, appendix, bibliography, index.

Includes 35 separate accounts, drawn from contemporary manuscripts and printed sources, of the experiences of a wide range of English travellers to Venice. The Introduction assesses elements of Anglo-Venetian relationships during the period.

Distributed to members during 2022.

THIRD SERIES 38: Glen F. Dille, ed.: Spanish and Portuguese Conflict in the Spice Islands: the Loaysa Expedition to the Moluccas 1525-1535. From Book XX of The General and Natural History of the Indies by Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo y Valdés. 206 pages, 6 maps, 26-page introduction, notes, bibliography.

Distributed to members in May 2021.

THIRD SERIES 37: Derek L. Elliott, ed.: The Voyages and Manifesto of William Fergusson, a Surgeon of the East India Company 1731-1739. 203 pages, 8 maps, 4 colour plates, 9 monochrome illustrations, including a 33-page introduction, bibliography, etc.

Distributed to members in March 2021.

THIRD SERIES 36: Judith E. Bosnak & Frans X. Koot, trans. & eds: The Javanese Travels of Purwalelana / A Nobleman’s Account of his Journeys across the Island of Java 1860-1875. 294 pages, 4 maps, 24 colour plates, 49 photographs, introduction, appendixes, bibliography.

Distributed to members in November 2020.

THIRD SERIES 35: Editor Trevor H. Levere The Arctic Journal of Captain Henry Wemyss Feilden, R.A., the Naturalist in H.M.S. Alert, 1875-1876. xxxi + 400 pages, 10 maps, 17 colour plates, 68 figures. Includes a 34-page Introduction, appendices, bibliography, indexes.

The first publication of the daily diary of Feilden, one of the two full-time naturalists on what was the first major British naval expedition to the high Arctic.

Distributed to members in 2019.

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