Information for prospective authors of Hakluyt Society volumes

Information for authors

Information for prospective authors of Hakluyt Society volumes

The primary function of the Hakluyt Society is the publication of original narratives of travel, in translation where necessary, and to this end proposals are invited from prospective authors and editors who have prepared, or are tentatively considering the preparation of material that might be suitable for publication by the Society. The Society generally issues two volumes per year, and completed manuscripts will be placed in the sequence of publications according to the schedule as it stands at the time.

Proposals for publication must be submitted on a questionnaire which may be downloaded from this page. The questionnaire is designed to assist the council of the Society in making its first assessment of the proposal. The completed form will be sent to members of council and to specialist referees for report, and will be discussed at the next council meeting. The process will probably involve requests for specimens of text. When the Society is satisfied that it wishes to confirm the project, the proposer will be informed, a contract will be issued, and a series editor will be assigned to the project. The final decision to publish is subject to approval of the delivered text.

In preparing a volume for the Society some thought should be given to the cost of publication. Ideally we seek to publish volumes not exceeding 300 pages in all (approx. 180,000 words, fewer if illustration is involved). Introductions should not be of excessive length, and should be specific to the text. The Society expects a high quality of scholarly footnote annotation. Illustrations should be genuinely relevant to the text.

It is highly desirable that authors and editors are computer literate, can communicate reliably by email, and can submit their manuscripts in a recent version of Microsoft Word or an equivalent established word processing program. It is also essential that authors thoroughly read and adhere to the Society’s Guidance for Editors and house style sheet, downloadable below.

Successful proposers are expected to produce a usable text on disk or by email attachment, presented according to the Society’s house style, information about which is downloadable from this page. They should be prepared to accept editorial guidance and decisions made by the Series Editor on behalf of the Society, and to produce an adequate index when proof stage is reached. The Society for its part undertakes to offer detailed editorial guidance and to produce a well printed and well bound book.

Proposers should be aware from the outset that the Society does not pay royalties or other remuneration to volume editors, and that the contract will require them to transfer copyright in the title to the Hakluyt Society. They are, however, entitled to 20 copies of the book when published. Editorial expenses such as postage, publication, copyright or reproduction fees etc., are normally paid by the Society provided that they are agreed in advance.

To download the questionnaire for prospective authors of Hakluyt Society volumes please click here.

To download the Hakluyt Society’s Guidance for Editors, including the house style sheet, please click here.