Research Funding Grants from the Hakluyt Society

Hakluyt Society Research Grants

Hakluyt Society Research Grants

Hakluyt Society Research Support

The Hakluyt Society is able to support research undertaken in preparing publication proposals to be submitted to the Society, or for research on proposals already approved where volumes are under contract to the Society.  Payments will be made as reimbursements of expenditure previously agreed with the relevant series editors.  The source of the payments will be the Society’s Harry & Grace Smith Fund and the expenditure will be in accordance with the charitable objects of the Society: ‘The objects of the society are to advance education by the publication of records of voyages, travels, naval expeditions and other geographical material and to promote public knowledge of those matters’.

Expenditures are eligible for agreed reimbursement under two categories:

(A) research in support of the preparation of publication projects for submission to the Society;

(B) research towards the completion of publication projects approved by the Society and under contract for publication.

Applications under A should be submitted in the first instance to the Society’s Administrator; applications under B should be discussed in the first instance with the Series Editor to whom the project has been assigned.

Eligible research expenditure, whether incurred in the preparation of a project to be submitted to the Society (A) or in the pursuit of research for a project already under contract (B), may be relevant to a volume intended for the Society’s main series of volumes (currently Series III) or to one intended for the series Hakluyt Society Studies in the History of Travel.  Recipients of support need not be members of the Society.