Research Funding Grants from the Hakluyt Society

Hakluyt Society Research Grants

Hakluyt Society Research Grants

Research Funding Initiative from the Hakluyt Society

In the year 2019 the Hakluyt Society made awards for the following projects:

Short-term fellowships

Professor Jeffrey Auerbach, ‘Exploring Palestine’

Dr Éva Mária Sebestyén, ‘Travels of László Magyar in the Interior of Southern Africa in the Years 1848-1857’

Research grants

Professor Margaret Hunt, ‘The Life and Death of a Seventeenth-century East India Company Ship: Trade, Violence and Global Encounters in the Early Modern World’

Dr Daniel Simpson, ‘Dissident Ethnography on the Voyages of the Rattlesnake, 1846-1850’

Dr Haig Smith, ‘Religious Diversity in the Subcontinent and its Role the Development of the East India Company’s Government c. 1639-1750’

Dr Alasdair Macfarlane, ‘The Unpublished and the Unproclaimed: Correspondence and Travel Accounts of Darien within the Spencer Collection’

Under the present uncertain and changeable circumstances, the Society had postponed decisions on the applications submitted for round 5 (2020) at least until January 2021. No further submissions for round 5 are possible.