Hakluyt Society recent news and forthcoming events

Hakluyt Society Recent News and Forthcoming Events

Hakluyt Society Recent News and Forthcoming Events

Hakluyt Society Annual General Meeting

Date and venue will be announced here as soon as they are decided.

Latest publication

THIRD SERIES 41: Nigel Statham and Ian C. Campbell, eds.: An Account of the Natives of the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. 2023. 552 pages 27 B/W Illustrations.

Distributed to members starting March 2023.

Latest Videos

The 2023 Annual lecture was held on 21 June 2023. The lecturer was Dr Anthony Payne (Honorary Research Fellow University of East Anglia). The title of his lecture is: ‘What do we know about Richard Hakluyt?’ A video of the lecture can be viewed here.

The 2022 Annual lecture was held on Wednesday, 15 June 2022 at the Royal Asiatic Society. The lecturer was Professor Ladan Niayesh of the Université de Paris, who spoke on ‘Echoing Cities in Muscovy Company Merchants’ Itineraries in Persia and Central Asia (15581570s)’. A video of the lecture can be viewed here.

The 2021 Annual Lecture, ‘The Volga: the River as Frontier’, by Professor Janet Hartley, one of the Society’s new series editors, is now available as a video. Watch the video here.

Professor Trevor Levere talks about the experiences of Henry Wemyss Feilden, naturalist in HMS Alert on the British Arctic Expedition, 1875-6, and about his own work of editing Feilden’s journal for the Hakluyt Society. Watch the video here.

Online talk by Michael Brennan

The talk Professor Brennan was planning to give to the editorial workshop scheduled for 20 March is now available on this website by following this link. Professor Brennan’s subject is the Hakluyt Society volume he is editing on English travellers to Venice, 1450-1600. The video is best viewed at ‘full screen’.

Recent publications from the Hakluyt Society

THIRD SERIES 39: Michael Brennan, ed.: English Travellers to Venice, 1450-1600. 2022, pp. xxxiv+433, 16 maps, 27 colour plates, 45 b/w illustrations, 29-page introduction, timeline, appendix, bibliography, index.

Includes 35 separate accounts, drawn from contemporary manuscripts and printed sources, of the experiences of a wide range of English travellers to Venice. The Introduction assesses elements of Anglo-Venetian relationships during the period.

Distributed to members during 2022.

THIRD SERIES 38: Glen F. Dille, ed.: Spanish and Portuguese Conflict in the Spice Islands: the Loaysa Expedition to the Moluccas 1525-1535. From Book XX of The General and Natural History of the Indies by Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo y Valdés. 206 pages, 6 maps, 26-page introduction, notes, bibliography.

Distributed to members in May 2021.

THIRD SERIES 37: Derek L. Elliott, ed.: The Voyages and Manifesto of William Fergusson, a Surgeon of the East India Company 1731-1739. 203 pages, 8 maps, 4 colour plates, 9 monochrome illustrations, including a 33-page introduction, bibliography, etc.

Distributed to members in March 2021.

THIRD SERIES 36: Judith E. Bosnak & Frans X. Koot, trans. & eds: The Javanese Travels of Purwalelana / A Nobleman’s Account of his Journeys across the Island of Java 1860-1875. 294 pages, 4 maps, 24 colour plates, 49 photographs, introduction, appendixes, bibliography.

Distributed to members in November 2020.

THIRD SERIES 35: Editor Trevor H. Levere The Arctic Journal of Captain Henry Wemyss Feilden, R.A., the Naturalist in H.M.S. Alert, 1875-1876. xxxi + 400 pages, 10 maps, 17 colour plates, 68 figures. Includes a 34-page Introduction, appendices, bibliography, indexes.

The first publication of the daily diary of Feilden, one of the two full-time naturalists on what was the first major British naval expedition to the high Arctic.

Distributed to members in 2019.


Festschrift volume in honour of Vice-President Will Ryan

A volume has been published to celebrate our former president, Professor Will Ryan FBA: Magic, Travels and Texts: Homage to a Scholar, Will Ryan, ed. Janet Hartley and Denis J. B. Shaw. Among 21 chapters, a section on ‘Travel, Technology and Exploration’ includes three papers by volume editors of the Hakluyt Society and one by an international representative. For details of content and how to purchase, please follow this link.


Anthony Payne, ed., Hakluyt & Oxford: Essays and Exhibitions Marking the Quatercentenary of the Death of Richard Hakluyt in 1616

The contents include catalogues by Anthony Payne of the two Oxford exhibitions, at Christ Church and at the Bodleian Library, together with essays by Jim Bennett, Anthony Payne and William Poole. A5 format, viii + 104 pp., 8 colour plates.

Price £5; including postage to UK: £6.80; to other European countries: £10.35; to the rest of the world: £12.65.

The book may be ordered through Paypal, with or without a Paypal account, by clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button below. Please make your selection for postage, then click or tap the ‘Add to Cart’ button. This will take you to the Paypal website where you may pay either as an existing Paypal account holder, or as a guest for a one-off purchase.

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