Forthcoming books on voyages of discovery: Projected Hakluyt Society publications

Projected Hakluyt Society publications

Projected Hakluyt Society publications

The following texts have been accepted for publication at a future date. Titles listed here are provisional working titles only.

English Trade and Privateering in the Eastern Mediterranean in the late Seventeenth Century: The ‘journall’ of the Voyage of the Levant Company Merchantman Blackham to Istanbul and Izmir, 1696-1698. Edited by Colin J. Heywood. To be published in 2022.

Renaissance Methods for Travel 1570-1633. Edited by Joan-Pau Rubiés.

Journal of John Saris on the Clove 1611-12 (English East India Company’s 8th voyage). Edited by Richmond Barbour.

The World of Sir William Trumbull in Constantinople 1687-1692. Edited by John-Paul Ghobrial.

William Laird McKinlay’s Journal of the Karluk Voyage, 1913-14. Ed. by Janice Cavell.

Sir John Peyton’s Travels in Poland-Lithuania, Bohemia, and Germany, 1596-99. Edited by Sebastian Sobecki. 2 volumes.

Bibliography of Richard Hakluyt, 1552-1616. Edited by Anthony Payne.

The Journal of Naturalist and Surgeon Archibald Menzies on Captain George Vancouver’s Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean and Round the World 1791-5. Edited by Barry Gough.

Elphinstone’s Mediterranean Impressions: A Rare First-hand Account of the Russian Fleet in the Mediterranean and the Russian-Ottoman War of 1768-74. Edited by Julia Leikin.