Forthcoming books on voyages of discovery: Projected Hakluyt Society publications

Projected Hakluyt Society publications

Projected Hakluyt Society publications

The following texts have been accepted for publication at a future date. Titles listed here are provisional working titles only.

Bibliography of Richard Hakluyt, 1552-1616. By Anthony Payne.

Journal of John Saris on the Clove 1611-12 (English East India Company’s 8th voyage). Edited by Richmond Barbour.

William Laird McKinlay’s Journal of the Karluk Voyage, 1913-14. Edited by by Janice Cavell.

Elphinstone’s Mediterranean Impressions: A Rare First-hand Account of the Russian Fleet in the Mediterranean and the Russian-Ottoman War of 1768-74. Edited by Julia Leikin.

An Elizabethan Soldier in Safavid Persia: Sir Anthony Sherley’s Mission to the Court of Shah ‘Abbas the Great, and the Persian Embassy to Muscovy, the Holy Roman Empire, the Papal States and Habsburg Spain, 1598-1601. Edited by Kurosh Meshkat, Ladan Niayesh, Alasdair MacDonald and David Trentacoste.

The Norris Embassy to Mughal India, 1699–1702. Edited by Guido van Meersbergen, Adam Clulow, Georgia O’Conner and Archisman Chaudhuri.

The Uranie Diary of Joseph-Paul Gaimard, 1817-1819. Edited by John Milsom and Sylvie Brassard.

Taking Newton on Tour: The Travel Diary of Martin Folkes (1690-1754), scientist, antiquary, connoisseur. Edited by Anne-Marie Roos.

Garner in Gabon: Gorillas and Chimpanzees by Richard Lynch Garner. Edited by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, Gregory Radick and Jeffery V. Peterson.

The ‘Confessions’ of Richard Norwood (1590-1675), sailor, teacher and surveyor of Bermuda. Edited by Eva Johanna Holmberg, Kirsty Rolfe and Sara Norja.

Journal of Archibald Menzies. Surgeon and Botanist. 1790-1795. Edited by Sandhya Patel.

The lost Winship journals of voyages off the Northwest Coast of North America. Edited by Cameron La Follette et al.

Ladislaus Magyar: his residence in South Africa 1847-1864. Edited by Éva Sebestyén.

The World of Sir William Trumbull in Constantinople 1687-1692. [Travel journal of Trumbull, English ambassador to Ottoman Empire 1687-92] Edited by John-Paul Ghobrial.

Sir John Peyton’s Travels in Poland-Lithuania, Bohemia, and Germany, 1596-99. Edited by Sebastian Sobecki.