Bibliography of the Hakluyt Society Second Series, Part II

Bibliography of the Hakluyt Society Second Series, Part II

Bibliography of the Hakluyt Society Second Series, Part II

Second Series, Part II. Compiled by P. E. H. Hair. Continued by R. C. Bridges & R. J. Howgego

Nos. 91 – 190 (1945 – 2000)

2/91. The Voyage of Captain Bellingshausen to the Antarctic Seas / 1819-1821 / Translated from the Russian / Edited by Frank Debenham, O.B.E., M.A., Director of the Scott Polar Institute, Cambridge. Volume I. 1945. Pages xxx, 259 + 5 maps, 24 illustrations.

Various translators, especially Edward Bullough and N. Volkov. The pagination of this and the following volume is continuous.

2/92. The Voyage of Captain Bellingshausen … . Volume II. 1945. Pages viii, 261-474 + 9 maps, 12 illustrations. An additional section entitled ‘Short notes on the colonies of New South Wales’ is included.

2/93. Richard Hakluyt & his Successors / A Volume Issued to Commemorate the Centenary of the Hakluyt Society / Edited by Edward Lynam, D.Litt., M.R.I.A., F.S.A. 1946. Pages lxviii, 192 + 8 illustrations. Containing: (i) ‘Richard Hakluyt, by J. A. Williamson, D.Lit.’, (ii) ‘Samuel Purchas, by Sir William Foster, C.I.E.’ (iii) ‘English Collections of Voyages and Travels 1625-1846, by G. R. Crone and R. A. Skelton’, (iv) ‘The Hakluyt Society. A Retrospect 1846-1946, by Sir William Foster, C.I.E.’ [on the Contents page ‘The Hakluyt Society, 1846-1946. A Retrospect’] (v) ‘The Present and the Future [of the Society], by Edward Lynam, D. Litt.’ Also a prospectus with lists of publications, select maps, and members, the Laws of the Hakluyt Society, and an ‘Index to the Society’s publications, 1847-1946’.

2/94. The Pilgrimage of Arnold von Harff / Knight / from Cologne, through Italy, Syria, Egypt, Arabia, Ethiopia, Nubia, Palestine, Turkey, France and Spain, which he Accomplished in the years 1496-1499 / Translated from the German and edited with notes and an introduction / by Malcolm Letts. 1946. Pages xxxv, 325.

2/95. The Travels of the Abbé Carré in India and the Near East / 1672 to 1674 / Translated from the manuscript journal of his travels in the India Office by Lady Fawcett, and Edited by Sir Charles Fawcett with the assistance of Sir Richard Burn / Volume One / From France through Syria, Iraq and the Persian Gulf to Surat, Goa, and Bijapur, with an account of his grave illness. 1947. Pages lvi, 315 + 3 maps, 2 illustrations. The main pagination of this and the two following volumes is continuous, but each has its own Introduction.

2/96. The Travels of the Abbé Carré … / Volume Two / From Bijapur to Madras and St Thomé. Account of the capture of Trincomalee Bay and St Thomé by De la Haye, and of the siege of St Thomé by the Golconda army and hostilities with the Dutch. 1947. Pages xxiv, 317-675 + 3 maps, 1 illustration.

2/97. The Travels of the Abbé Carré … / Volume Three / Return Journey to France / with an account of the Sicilian revolt against Spanish rule at Messina. 1948. Pages xxiii, 677-984 + 3 maps, 3 illustrations.

2/98. The Discovery of Tahiti / A Journal of the Second Voyage of H.M.S. Dolphin Round the World, under the Command of Captain Wallis, R.N., in the Years 1766, 1767, and 1768 / Written by her Master / George Robertson / Edited by Hugh Carrington / 1948. Pages xvii, 292 + 6 maps, 4 illustrations.

2/99. Further English Voyages to Spanish America / 1583-1594 / Documents from the Archives of the Indies at Seville illustrating English Voyages to the Caribbean, the Spanish Main, Florida, and Virginia / Translated and Edited by Irene A. Wright, …. , Gold Medallist of the Society of Women Geographers of America / 1951 (1949). Pages xciii, 314 + 8 maps.

2/100. The Red Sea and adjacent Countries at the Close of the Seventeenth Century / As described by Joseph Pitts / William Daniel / and Charles Jacques Poncet / Edited by Sir William Foster, … / 1949. Pages xl, 192 + 2 maps, 1 illustration. With additional documents. The first narrative is from Pitts’ Religion and Manners of the Mahometans (3rd Edition, 1731); Daniel’s journal was printed in 1702, Poncet’s in 1709.

2/101. Mandeville’s Travels / Texts and Translations / By Malcolm Letts, F.S.A. Volume I. 1953 (1950). Pages lxiii, 223 + 2 maps, 1 illustration. The text of British Library Egerton MS 1982, with an essay on the cosmographical ideas of Mandeville’s day by E. G. R. Taylor. The main pagination of this and the following volume is continuous.

2/102. Mandeville’s Travels … . . Volume II. 1953 (1950). Pages xii, 226-554 + 3 illustrations. The Paris text (French, with translation), the Bodleian text, and extracts from other versions.

2/103. The Historie of Travell into Virginia Britania (1612) / by William Strachey, gent. Edited by Louis B. Wright and Virginia Freund. 1953 (1951). Pages xxxii, 221 + 3 maps, 1 illustration. Transcript of the Princeton MS, with Strachey’s vocabulary of an Algonkian dialect and an essay on the same by James A. Geary.

2/104. The Roanoke Voyages / 1584-1590 / Documents to illustrate / the English Voyages to North America / under the Patent granted / to Walter Raleigh / in 1584 / Edited by David Beers Quinn / Professor of History in the University College of Swansea / (University of Wales) Volume I. 1955 (1952). Pages xxxv, 496 + 6 maps, 2 illustrations. Texts from Hakluyt’s Principall Navigations (1589), together with the items added by him in 1600 and much additional material, a few documents in summary form. This volume takes the narrative to January 1586/7 and includes a descriptive list of John White’s drawings of the first colony; the narrative is continued to 1590 and later in the following volume, with which the main pagination is continuous.

2/105. The Roanoke Voyages … . Volume II. 1955 (1952). Pages vi, 497-1004 + 2 maps, 2 illustrations. Appended is an article on the language of the Carolina Algonkian tribes by James A. Geary, with a word-list; a chapter on the archaeology of the Roanoke settlements; a detailed account of the MS and printed sources; and (in pocket) a map of Ralegh’s Virginia. Incorrectly numbered 104 on half-title.

2/106. South China in the Sixteenth Century / Being the narratives of Galeote Pereira / Fr. Gaspar da Cruz, O.P. / Fr. Martin de Rada, O.E.S.A. / (1550-1575) / Edited by C. R. Boxer, … / 1953. Pages xci, 388 + 10 maps, 10 illustrations. Translations, the first based largely on that in Richard Willes, History of Travayle in the West and East Indies (1577), the second derived from Purchas his Pilgrimes (1624), the third by the editor from three sixteenth-century Spanish versions. With appendices on various matters, including a Chinese glossary and a table of Chinese dynasties and emperors.

2/107. Some Records of Ethiopia / 1593-1646 / Being Extracts from The History of High Ethiopia or Abassia by Manoel de Almeida / Together with Bahrey’s History of the Galla / Translated and Edited by C. F. Beckingham and G. W. B. Huntingford / 1954. Pages xcviii, 267 + 5 maps, 5 illustrations. The selections from Almeida describe the country and its people and the journeys of Jesuit missionaries attempting to enter or leave Ethiopia.

2/108. The Travels of Leo of Rozmital / through Germany, Flanders, England, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy / 1465-1467 / Translated from the German and Latin and Edited by Malcolm Letts, … / Cambridge, 1957 (1955). Pages xv, 196 + 2 maps, 5 illustrations. From the German account by Gabriel Tetzel, with supplementary passages from the Latin versions (printed in 1577, 1843 and 1951) of the lost account in Czech by Václav Sasek, both having been Rozmital’s companions.

2/109. Ethiopian Itineraries circa 1400-1524 / Including those Collected by Alessandro Zorzi at Venice in the Years 1519-24 / Edited by O. G. S. Crawford, C.B.E., Litt.D., F.B.A. Cambridge, 1958 (1955). Pages xxix, 232 + 22 maps, 1 illustration. Zorzi’s Italian text with translation by C. A. Ralegh Radford. Includes a gazetteer for Fra Mauro’s map.

2/110. The Travels of Ibn Battuta / A.D. 1325-1354 / Translated with revisions and notes, from the Arabic Text Edited by C. Defrémery and B. R. Sanguinetti / by H. A. R. Gibb / Volume I. Cambridge, 1958 (1956). Pages xvii, 269 + 4 maps, 3 illustrations. Covers travels in North-West Africa, Egypt, Syria, and to Mecca. Continued in 117, 141, and 178 below (and the final volume to follow). The main pagination of all the volumes is continuous.

2/111. English Privateering Voyages to the West Indies / 1588-1595 / Documents relating to English voyages to the West Indies, from the defeat of the Armada to the last voyage of Sir Francis Drake, including Spanish documents contributed by Irene A. Wright / Edited by Kenneth R. Andrews / Cambridge, 1959 (1956). Pages xxvii, 421 + 6 maps, 3 illustrations. Documents, some summarized entirely or in part, relating to twenty-five voyages, drawn mainly from the records of the High Court of Admiralty, with selections from narratives printed by Hakluyt and from a quantity of translations by I. A. Wright of originals (1593-5) in the Archivo General de Indias in Seville intended for a further volume on English West Indies Voyages (see Second Series 66, 71 and 99 above). The Introduction gives an account of the Court itself and of privateering during the Spanish war and in the West Indies.

2/112. The Tragic History of the Sea / 1589-1622 / Narratives of the shipwrecks of the Portuguese East Indiamen São Thomé (1589), Santo Alberto (1593), São João Baptista (1622) and the journeys of the survivors in South East Africa. Edited from the original Portuguese by C. R. Boxer, Camoens Professor of Portuguese, University of London, King’s College / Cambridge, 1959 (1957). Pages xiv, 297 + 9 maps, 7 illustrations. The narratives by Diogo do Couto, João Baptista Lavanha and Francisco Vaz d’Almada, translated from the original editions of accounts which were subsequently included in the História Trágico-Marítima edited by Bernardo Gomes de Brito at Lisbon in 1735-6. The introduction and appendices discuss the ‘Carreira da Índia’. For a further selection from the same source, see 132 below.

2/113. The Troublesome Voyage of Captain Edward Fenton / 1582-1583 / Narratives & Documents Edited by E. G. R. Taylor, Emeritus Professor of Geography in the University of London. Cambridge, 1959 (1957). Pages lvii, 333 + 9 maps, 12 illustrations. Transcripts of certain surviving records of the voyage for Cathay sponsored by the Privy Council and intended to establish the first English trading base in the Far East. Includes Fenton’s own sea journal and extracts from the official narrative of Richard Madox, for which see 147 below.

2/114. The Prester John of the Indies / A True Relation of the Lands of the Prester John / being the narrative of the Portuguese Embassy to Ethiopia in 1520 / written by Father Francisco Alvares / The translation of Lord Stanley of Alderley (1881) / revised and edited with additional material by C. F. Beckingham and G. W. B. Huntingford / Volume I. Cambridge, 1961 (1958). Pages xvi, 321 + 8 maps, 41 illustrations. The first 88 chapters, representing the mission of Dom Rodrigo de Lima, from his landing at Massawa on the west coast of the Red Sea in April 1520 to his re-embarking there six years later, the first European embassy known to have reached the Ethiopian court and returned in safety. Continued in the following volume, with which the main pagination is continuous.

2/115. The Prester John of the Indies … / Volume II. Cambridge, 1961 (1958). Pages vi, 323-617 + 2 maps, 8 illustrations. Chapters 89-142 of Álvares, with the narrative of the return to Portugal, a translation of a seventeenth-century Ethiopian description of Aksum, and accounts of the rock-cut churches at Lalibala and certain other matters.

2/116. The History of the Tahitian Mission / 1799-1830 / Written by John Davies, Missionary to the South Sea Islands / With Supplementary Papers of the Missionaries / Edited by C. W. Newbury / Cambridge, 1961 (1959). Pages liv, 392 + 3 maps, 18 illustrations. Chapters 6-12 and 14-20 of Davies’s unpublished ‘History’, chapter 13 omitted as already in print (see pp. 119-60 of Second Series 52 above). The editor’s ‘Epilogue’, continuing the history of the mission to 1860, includes part of Davies’s ‘Conclusion’ and supplementary correspondence. Appendices discuss the Pomare dynasty and missionary codes of law for eastern Polynesia.

2/117. The Travels of Ibn Battuta … / Volume II. Cambridge, 1962 (1959). Pages xii, 271-537 + 5 maps, 1 illustration. Continued from Second Series 110 above. Covering southern Persia, Iraq, southern Arabia, East Africa, the Persian Gulf, Asia Minor and South Russia.

2/118. The Travels and Controversies of Friar Domingo Navarrete / 1616-1686 / Edited from Manuscript and Printed Sources by J. S. Cummins / Volume I. Cambridge, 1962 (1960). Pages cxx, 163 + 3 maps, 7 illustrations. A translation of the autobiographical portions of the Tratados Historicos, with interpolations from his unpublished ‘Controversias’ and other works. Describes travels in China and the outward and homeward journeys. The origin and nature of the Jesuit-Dominican controversy over the Chinese rites are summarized in the editor’s Introduction. The main pagination of this and the following volume is continuous.

2/119. The Travels and Controversies of Friar Domingo Navarrete … / Volume II. Cambridge, 1962 (1960). Pages x, 165-475 + 3 maps, 10 illustrations. Includes Navarrete’s account of the island of Santo Domingo (1679) and appendices on various matters such as the detention of the missionaries in Canton, 1666-70, and Navarrete’s relations with Richard Cony, governor of St Helena.

2/120. The Cabot Voyages and Bristol Discovery under Henry VII / by James A. Williamson / with the Cartography of the Voyages by R. A. Skelton / Cambridge, 1962 (1961). Pages xvi, 332 + 18 maps, 2 illustrations. Documents from English, Portuguese, and Spanish archives, transcribed or in translation, and from printed sources, relating to the Atlantic voyages out of Bristol between 1480 and 1508-9; including the voyages of John and Sebastian Cabot.

2/121. A Regiment for the Sea / and other Writings on Navigation / by William Bourne of Gravesend, a Gunner (c. 1535-1582) / Edited by E. G. R. Taylor, … / Cambridge, 1963 (1961). Pages xxxv, 464 + 7 maps, 9 illustrations. Reprints Bourne’s two almanacks and the Regiment (1574). Appended are the surviving portion of John Dee’s navigational tables, the wills of Bourne and his wife, and a bibliographical description of Bourne’s manuscript and printed works by D. W. Waters and R. A. Skelton.

2/122. Byron’s Journal of his Circumnavigation / 1764-1766 / Edited by Robert E. Gallagher / Cambridge, 1964 (1962). Pages lxxxii, 230 + 12 maps, 8 illustrations. The voyage of the Dolphin. Includes the secret instructions by the Admiralty, a list of the crew, and transcripts of documents relating to the voyage. The appendix, on the Patagonians, includes ‘The Patagonian giants’ by Helen Wallis.

2/123. Missions to the Niger / Volume I / The Journal of Friedrich Horneman’s Travels from Cairo to Murzuk in the Years 1797-98 / The Letters of Major Alexander Gordon Laing, 1824-26 / Edited by E. W. Bovill / Cambridge, 1964 (1962). Pages xii, 406 + 8 maps, 4 illustrations. With Laing’s letters are included his ‘Cursory remarks on the course and termination of the great river Niger’, his ‘Notes on Gadamis’, his only surviving letter to his wife, and the newspaper report of his death. Continued in 128-130 below.

2/124. Carteret’s Voyage Round the World / 1766-1769 / Edited by Helen Wallis / Volume I. Cambridge, 1965 (1963). Pages xii, 273 + 16 maps, 4 illustrations. Derived from the abstract retained by Philip Carteret after his voyage and the journal he compiled from it and other papers in about 1773. The main pagination of this and the following volume is continuous.

2/125. Carteret’s Voyage round the world … / Volume II. Cambridge, 1965 (1963). Pages vi, 275-564 + 2 maps, 3 illustrations. A collection of documents, 1756-1811, relating to the preparations, to the voyage itself, and to its aftermath.

2/126. La Austrialia del Espíritu Santo / The Journal of Fray Martin de Munilla O.F.M. / and other documents relating to The Voyage of Pedro Fernández de Quirós / to the South Sea (1605-1606) / and / the Franciscan missionary plan / (1617-1627) / Translated and Edited by Celsus Kelly O.F.M. / With ethnological introduction, appendix, and other contributions by G. S. Parsonson. Volume I. Cambridge, 1966 (1964). Pages xvii, 270 + 8 maps, 4 illustrations. The ‘Relación’ of Munilla, chaplain and vicar of the royal fleet and commissary of the Franciscans in the Quirós expedition, with an extensive introduction. Continued in 127 below, with which the main pagination is continuous.

2/127. La Austrialia del Espíritu Santo … . Volume II. Cambridge, 1966. Pages xv, 273-446 + 1 map, 3 illustrations. The ‘Sumario Breve’ of Juan de Iturbe, followed by documents bearing on the preparations for the expedition, the voyage of Quirós, Quirós in New Spain, negotiations for another expedition, and the missionary plan. Two appendices, one by G. S. Parsonson.

2/128. Missions to the Niger / Volume II / The Bornu Mission 1822-25 / Part I … / Cambridge, 1966 (1965). Pages xiv, 306. Continued from Second Series 123 above. This and the following volumes reprint most of the Narrative of Travels and Discoveries in Northern and Central Africa in the years 1822, 1823, and 1824 by Major Denham, Captain Clapperton and the late Doctor Oudney (2nd edition, 1826). This volume begins Denham’s narrative. Includes previously unpublished documents relating to the mission. Each volume contains a glossary of Arabic terms. The main pagination of this and the two following volumes is continuous.

2/129. Missions to the Niger / Volume III / The Bornu mission 1822-25 / Part 2 … / Cambridge, 1966 (1965). Pages xii, 309-595 + 7 maps, 30 illustrations. Continues Denham’s narrative, with additional documents.

2/130. Missions to the Niger / Volume IV / The Bornu mission 1822-25 / Part 3 … / Cambridge, 1966. Pages x, 599-798 + 6 maps, 3 illustrations. Clapperton’s narrative, with the appendix of documents translated from Arabic, and additional documents.

2/131. The Journal and Letters of Captain Charles Bishop on the North-West Coast of America, in the Pacific, and in New South Wales 1794-1799 / Edited by Michael Roe / Cambridge, 1967 (1966). Pages lvi, 342 + 6 maps, 1 illustration. Recording the voyage of the Ruby from Bristol to Amboyna and the voyage of the Nautilus from Amboyna to Macao.

2/132. Further Selections from the Tragic History of the Sea / 1559-1565 / Narratives of the Shipwrecks of the Portuguese East Indiamen Aguia and Garça (1559), / São Paulo (1561) and the Misadventures of the Brazil-ship Santo Antonio (1565) / Translated and Edited from the Original Portuguese by C. R. Boxer / Cambridge, 1968 (1967). Pages x, 170 + 4 maps, 11 illustrations. The narratives of Diogo do Couto, Henrique Dias and Afonso Luis. For a previous selection from the same source, see Second Series 112 above.

2/133. The letters of F. W. Ludwig Leichhardt / Collected and newly translated by M. Aurousseau / Volume I. Cambridge, 1968 (1967). Pages xvi, 423 + 4 maps. Full texts of all letters, together with translations of those in German, French and Italian. This volume contains the letters written while in Germany, 1832-7, and between 1837 and Leichardt’s departure for Sydney in 1841. Continued in the following volumes, with which the main pagination is continuous.

2/134. The letters of F. W. Ludwig Leichhardt … / Volume II. Cambridge, 1968. Pages v, 425-819 + 5 maps. The years of scientific reconnaissance in Australia, 1842-4, around Sydney and Newcastle, in the Hunter-Goulburn valley, and to the Moreton Bay district.

2/135. The letters of F. W. Ludwig Leichardt … / Volume III. Cambridge, 1968. Pages v, 821-1175 + 2 maps. Leichardt’s major exploration, from 1844 until his disappearance in 1848, with a table of subsequent events.

2/136. The Jamestown Voyages under the First Charter / 1606-1609. Documents relating to the Foundation of Jamestown and the History of the Jamestown Colony up to the Departure of Captain John Smith, last President of the Council in Virginia under the First Charter, early in October, 1609 / Edited by Philip L. Barbour / Volume I. Cambridge, 1969. Pages xxviii, 247 + 6 maps, 2 illustrations. Includes a combined list of names of the original planters up to about 1 October 1608. The main pagination of this and the following volume is continuous.

2/137. The Jamestown Voyages … / Volume II. Cambridge, 1969. Pages viii, 249-524.

2/138. Russian Embassies to the Georgian Kings (1589-1605) / Volume I / Edited with Introduction, Additional Notes, Commentaries and Bibliography by W. E. D. Allen / Texts translated by Anthony Mango / Cambridge, 1970. Pages xxxii, 368 + 6 maps, 11 illustrations. Documents and commentaries relating to the embassy of Zvenigorodski and Antonov, 1589-90. The main pagination is continuous with the next volume.

2/139. Russian embassies … / Volume II … / Cambridge, 1970. Pages ix, 369-640 + 2 maps, 7 illustrations. The embassy of Tatishchev and Ivanov, 1604-05, with supplementary documents from the embassy of Sovin and Polukhanov, 1596-9, and genealogical notes and tables.

2/140. Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas / by Antonio de Morga / Translated and Edited by J. S. Cummins, Reader in Spanish, University College, London / Cambridge, 1971. Pages xi, 347 + 2 maps, 3 illustrations. From the first edition, Mexico, 1609. A new edition of First Series 39 above.

2/141. The Travels of Ibn Battuta, A.D. 1325-1354 … / Volume III. Cambridge, 1971. Pages xii, 539-772 + 3 maps, 5 illustrations. Continued from Second Series 117 above. Covering Turkestan, Khurasan, Sind, north-western India and Delhi, including an account of the reign of Sultan Muhammad ibn Tughluq.

2/142. The Last Voyage of Drake & Hawkins / Edited by Kenneth R. Andrews / Cambridge, 1972. Pages xiv, 283 + 4 maps, 8 illustrations. Transcripts or translations of documents, mainly from manuscripts and including many from the archives at Seville. With an appendix on the art of navigation in the age of Drake, by D. W. Waters.

2/143. To the Pacific and Arctic with Beechey / The Journal of Lieutenant George Peard of H.M.S. ‘Blossom’ 1825-1828 / Edited by Barry M. Gough / Cambridge, 1973 (1972). Pages x, 272 + 5 maps, 3 illustrations. From British Library Additional MS 35141.

2/144. The Hakluyt Handbook / Edited by D. B. Quinn / Volume I. 1974. Pages xxvi, 331 + 6 maps, 11 illustrations. Essays by various hands, (a) on aspects of Hakluyt’s achievement, including essays on Hakluyt’s maps (by R. A. Skelton), on the conveyance of material from Hakluyt to Purchas (by C. R. Steele), and on Hakluyt’s reputation (by D. B. Quinn); (b) on Hakluyt’s use of material, by twelve world regions. Also a Hakluyt chronology (by D. B. and A. M. Quinn). The main pagination of this and the following volume is continuous.

2/145. The Hakluyt Handbook … / Volume II. 1974. Pages xiii, 335-707 + 37 illustrations. A listing of the contents of Hakluyt’s works, a primary Hakluyt bibliography, an essay discussing secondary works on Hakluyt (by L.E. Pennington), a listing of all Hakluyt Society works to date (by E. L. C. Mullins), and indexes (by A. M. Quinn).

2/146. Yermak’s Campaign in Siberia / A selection of documents translated from the Russian by Tatiana Minorsky and David Wileman, and edited, with an introduction and notes, by Terence Armstrong / 1975 (1974). Pages x, 315 + 2 maps, 155 illustrations. The Siberian chronicles documenting Yermak’s campaign in the 1580: the Stroganov, Yesipov, Remezov, and New chronicles are reproduced in translation, together with the 154 pen and ink drawings illustrating the Remezov chronicle of c.1700. Includes seven charters and letters of Ivan IV relating to the advance across the Urals.

2/147. An Elizabethan in 1582 / The Diary of Richard Madox, Fellow of All Souls / [Edited] by Elizabeth Story Donno / 1976 (1976, slip corrects to 1974). Pages xvi, 365 + 5 maps, 13 illustrations. Completes publication of the diaries of the two chaplains on the Fenton expedition intended for Cathay, replacing the extracts from one diary in Second Series 113 above. The localities mainly described are Sierra Leone and Brazil.

2/148. Sir Francis Drake’s West Indian Voyage / 1585-86 / Edited by Mary Frear Keeler / 1981 (1975). Pages xiv, 358 + 3 maps, 11 illustrations. Documents published and unpublished, particularly journals kept aboard the ships, including the newly-discovered Leicester journal, with drawings of episodes made by the voyage’s artist.

2/149. François Valentijn’s Description of Ceylon / Edited by Sinnappah Arasaratnam / 1978 (1975). Pages xv, 395 + 7 maps, 12 illustrations. The first twelve chapters on Ceylon in Valentijn’s Oud en Nieuw Oost-Indien (Dordrecht, 1724-6).

2/150. The Travel Journal of Antonio de Beatis / Germany, Switzerland, the Low Countries, France and Italy, 1517-1518 / Translated from the Italian by J. R. Hale and J. M. A. Lindon / Edited by J. R. Hale / 1979 (1976). Pages xii, 206 + 1 map, 2 illustrations. Translated from the Italian text published in 1905, with an introduction discussing Renaissance travel accounts.

2/151. The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea / by an unknown author / With some extracts from Agatharkhides ‘On the Erythraean Sea’ / Translated and edited by G. W. B. Huntingford. 1980 (1976). Pages xiv, 225 + 11 maps, 10 illustrations. A trader’s guide to the Red Sea and neighbouring Indian Ocean coasts, anonymous, written probably between 95 and 130 A.D.: here in translation. Appendices discuss the topography, the history and contemporary commerce of the area, and other matters. For a fuller edition of Agatharkhides, see 172 below.

2/152. The Resolution Journal of Johann Reinhold Forster / 1772-1775 / Edited by Michael E. Hoare / Volume I. 1982. Pages xvii, 182 + 2 maps, 6 illustrations. The previously unpublished journal of the principal naturalist on Cook’s second voyage. The introduction discusses Forster’s career. The main pagination of this volume and the following three volumes is continuous.

2/153. The Resolution Journal … / Volume II. 1982. Pages viii, 183-370 + 5 maps, 7 illustrations.

2/154. The Resolution Journal … / Volume III. 1982. Pages viii, 371-554 + 5 maps, 8 illustrations.

2/155. The Resolution Journal … / Volume IV. 1982. Pages viii, 555-831 + 6 maps, 6 illustrations. Includes a list of George Forster’s plant drawings from Cook’s second voyage.

2/156. The Three Voyages of Edmond Halley in the Paramore / 1698-1701 / Edited by Norman J.W. Thrower / Volume I. 1982. Pages 392 + 6 maps, 9 illustrations. The journals published in full from manuscripts now in the British Library.

2/157. The Three Voyages of Edmond Halley … / Volume II. 1982. No title-page and actually a portfolio of facsimiles of Halley’s Atlantic and Channel charts.

2/158. The Expedition of the St Jean-Baptiste to the Pacific / 1769-1770 / From Journals of Jean de Surville and Guillaume Labé. Translated and edited by John Dunmore / 1981. Pages x, 310 + 8 maps, 14 illustrations. Translation of manuscript shipboard journals in French, with an account of the voyage.

2/159. The Voyage of Semen Dezhnev in 1648: Bering’s Precursor / With selected documents / [Edited] by Raymond H. Fisher / 1981. Pages xiv, 326 + 23 maps, 3 illustrations. Dezhnev was the first European to sail round the north-eastern tip of Asia. Translation of published Russian documents, with an extensive critical exposition of their significance.

2/160. Newfoundland Discovered / English Attempts at Colonisation, 1610-1630 / edited by Gillian T. Cell / 1982. Pages xviii, 310 + 3 maps, 2 illustrations. Documents, mainly unpublished and from British archives.

2/161. The English New England Voyages / 1602-1608 / Edited by David B. Quinn and Alison M. Quinn / 1983. Pages xxiv, 580 + 20 maps, 16 illustrations. Documents published and unpublished, with appendices, including one on maps of New England 1606-1610, and one (by Philip L. Barbour) on an early vocabulary of an Algonkian language.

2/162. The Itinerario of Jerónimo Lobo / Translated by / Donald M. Lockhart / From the Portuguese Text Established and Edited by M. G. Da Costa / With an Introduction and Notes by C. F. Beckingham / 1983. Pages xxxvi, 417 + 4 maps, 9 illustrations. Lobo, a Portuguese Jesuit, served in Ethiopia 1625-1634. He also describes a famous 1635-1636 shipwreck on the coast of Natal. A French summary version of his account was published in 1728 but the complete manuscript was only discovered in 1947.

2/163. George Vancouver / A Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean and Round the World / 1791-1795 / With an Introduction and Appendices / Volume I / Edited by W. Kaye Lamb / 1984. Pages xx, 442 + 5 maps, 14 illustrations. Book 1, the voyage to Australia and Tahiti, of a new and annotated edition of A Voyage of Discovery … (London, 1798). The main pagination of this and the following three volumes is continuous.

2/164. The Voyage of George Vancouver … / Volume II / … / 1984. Pages ix, 443-786 + 5 maps, 14 illustrations. Book 2 and part of Book 3, the voyage to Hawaii and the North American coast.

2/165. The Voyage of George Vancouver … / Volume III / … / 1984. Pages viii, 787-1230 + 4 maps, 5 illustrations. Remainder of Book 3, all Book 4, part of Book 5, voyage on the Pacific coast of North America and return to Hawaii.

2/166. The Voyage of George Vancouver … / Volume IV / … / 1984. Pages viii, 1231-1752 + 2 maps, 6 illustrations. Remainder of Book 5, on the coast of North America. Appendices include documents relating to the voyage and a list of the ships’ company.

2/167. Jerusalem Pilgrimage / 1099-1185 / [Edited by] John Wilkinson with Joyce Hill and W. F. Ryan / 1988. Pages xi, 372 + 24 maps. Edition of previously published translations of texts in Latin, Greek, Arabic and other languages, and new translations of texts in Icelandic and Russian.

2/168. The Iceland Journal of Henry Holland / 1810 / Edited by Andrew Wawn / 1987. Pages xvii, 342 + 11 maps, 19 illustrations. Holland’s manuscript, part of which was used in George Mackenzie’s Travels in Iceland … (Edinburgh, 1811), is here published in full. The maps are mostly Holland’s own sketch maps. Appendices include tables of population and commerce, a list of parishes, a page from a parish register, and a register of weather.

2/169. The Journal of Rochfort Maguire / 1852-1854 / Two years at Point Barrow, Alaska, aboard H.M.S. Plover in the search for Sir John Franklin / Volume I / Edited by John Bockstoce / 1988. Pages xiv, 318 + 5 maps, 6 illustrations. In particular, concerning the encounter and relations with the local ‘Eskimos’. The main pagination of this and the following volume is continuous.

2/170. The Journal of Rochfort Maguire … / Volume II / … / 1988. Pages vi, 319-584 + 1 map, 2 illustrations. Appendices include accounts of boat expeditions along the coast and an essay on the Inuit of south-eastern Alaska, by the ship’s surgeon, John Simpson.

2/171. English and Irish Settlement on the River Amazon / 1550-1646 / Edited by Joyce Lorimer / 1989. Pages xxvi, 499 + 10 maps.

Documents, many from manuscripts in English, Irish, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese archives.

2/172. Agatharchides of Cnidus / On the Erythraean Sea / Translated and edited by Stanley M. Burstein / 1990. Pages xi, 202 + 1 map.

Written ‘sometime before 100 B.C.’ and thought to have been an appendix to a larger historical work not extant. A translation of the abridgements found in later Greek writers. Completes the extracts in Second Series 151 above.

2/173. The Mission of Friar William of Rubruck / His Journey to the court of the Great Khan Möngke / 1253-1255 / Translated by Peter Jackson / Introduction, notes and appendices by Peter Jackson with David Morgan / 1990. Pages xv, 312 + 4 maps, 1 illustration.

An extended revision of Second Series 4 above. With a genealogical table of the Mongol imperial family and nine appendices on detailed matters.

2/174. Prutky’s Travels in Ethiopia and Other Countries / Translated and edited by J. H. Arrowsmith-Brown / and annotated by Richard Pankhurst / 1991. Pages xxviii, 546 + 4 maps, 1 illustration.

Václav Prutky, a Bohemian doctor of medicine and a Franciscan missionary, worked in Ethiopia 1752-1753. His account in Latin includes material on the Middle East and India, but material on Syria and Palestine is not included in this translation. An appendix documents Prutky’s mission to Russia in 1766-1769.

2/175. Barbot on Guinea / The writings of Jean Barbot / on West Africa 1678-1712 / Edited by P. E. H. Hair, Adam Jones and Robin Law / Volume I. 1992 Pages cxxv, 327 + 8 maps, 18 illustrations.

An edition of the original material in a manuscript account of the Guinea coast written in French in the 1680s and deriving in part from Barbot’s two trading voyages to Guinea, in translation; together with additional original material from an enlarged version of the account written in English and eventually published in 1732. Sources of derived material are noted. Barbot’s own drawings include the earliest set of illustrations of European forts in Guinea. This volume covers the coast from Senegal to Gold Coast. The main pagination of this and the following volume is continuous.

2/176. Barbot on Guinea … / Volume II. 1992. Pages vii, 331-916 + 4 maps, 26 illustrations. The coast from River Volta to Cape Lopez.

2/177. Voyages to Hudson Bay in Search of a Northwest Passage / 1741-1747 / Volume I / The Voyage of Christopher Middleton / 1741-1742 / Edited by William Barr and Glyndwr Williams / 1994. Pages xii, 333 + 8 maps, 3 illustrations.

Documents from British and Canadian archives, including Middleton’s journal of the voyage, and his printed Vindication. Continued in 181 below.

2/178. The Travels of Ibn Battuta / A.D. 1325-1354 … / Volume IV / The translation completed with annotations by C. F. Beckingham / 1994. Pages xvi, 773-983 + 5 illustrations.

Continued from Second Series 141 above. Covering South India, South-East Asia, China, Morocco, Spain and West Africa.

2/179. The Journal of Jean-François de Galaup de la Pérouse / 1785-1788 / Volume I / Translated and edited by John Dunmore / 1994. Pages ccxl, 232 + 8 maps, 3 illustrations.

A translation of the journal, published with abridgements in 1797, in full in 1985. The introduction discusses the background to the voyage and its achievement, despite the final disaster. This volume covers the voyage to Australia, the Pacific coast of North America, and Macao. The main pagination of this and the following volume is continuous.

2/180. The Journal of Jean-François de Galaup de la Pérouse … / Volume II … / 1995. Pages vi, 233-613 + 17 maps, 4 illustrations. The voyage between the Philippines and Kamchatka, then to Australia. The appendices include related correspondence and the muster rolls of the ships.

2/181. Voyages to Hudson Bay … / Volume II / The Voyage of William Moor and Francis Smith / 1746-1747 / … / 1995. Pages xv, 393 + 13 maps, 7 illustrations.

Continued from 177 above. Extracts from printed accounts, with related documents from British and Canadian archives. One appendix discusses the Fonte letter.

2/182. Olaus Magnus, A Description of the Northern Peoples, 1555. Volume I. Edited by PETER FOOTE. Transl. PETER FISHER and HUMPHREY HIGGINS / 1996. pp. xciii + 281. 50 woodcuts, 2 maps.

Introduction, notes on text and first five books of Olaus Magnus’s work. The volume is the only full translation into English and is complete with illustrations. The work is an ethnographic essay combining fact and fantasy about pre-Reformation Sweden and Scandinavia. Continued in Second Series 187 and 188.

2/183. Compassing the Vaste Globe of the Earth: Studies in the History of the Hakluyt Society 1846-1996 with Listing of Hakluyt Society Publications 1847-1995. Edited by R. C. Bridges and P. E. H. Hair. 1996. pp. xi + 336. 30 plates.

A special volume of essays to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Society, with a full listing and index of Hakluyt Society publications 1847-1995. Containing: P.E.H. Hair, ‘The Hakluyt Society: from Past to Future’; R.C. Bridges, ‘William Desborough Cooley and the Foundation of the Hakluyt Society’; Tony Campbell, ‘R.H. Major and the British Museum’; R.J. Bingle, ‘Henry Yule: India and Cathay’; Ann Savours, ‘Clements Markham: longest serving Officer, most prolific Editor’; C.F. Beckingham, ‘William Foster and the Records of the India Office’; D.B. Quinn, ‘R.A. Skelton of the Map Room’; Michael Strachan, ‘Esmond S. de Beer: Scholar and Benefactor’; and R.C. Bridges and P.E.H. Hair, ‘The Hakluyt Society and World History’.

2/184. Juan Maria Schuver’s Travels in North East Africa, 1880-1883. Edited by Wendy James, Gerd Bauman and Douglas H. Johnson. 1996. pp. xciii + 379. 14 plates, 4 maps (2 in colour).

The first full account of Schuver’s travels transcribed from rediscovered manuscripts in English, supplemented with passages originally in French. The appendices include transcripts of related letters and other papers.

2/185. The Purchas Handbook: Studies of the Life, Times and Writings of Samuel Purchas 1577-1626. Edited by L. E. Pennington. Vol. 1. 1997. pp. xvii + 380. 11 plates.

A collection of definitive essays by nineteen different contributors, discussing the life and work of Purchas, his distinction as an author and geographer, and the sources of his Pilgrimes.

2/186. The Purchas Handbook … / Volume II. 1997. pp. vii + 381-811. 18 plates.

A comprehensive catalogue of the articles Purchas’s Pilgrimes and their sources, together with a census of surviving copies and a bibliography of works that have substantially cited Purchas as a primary source.

2/187. Olaus Magnus … / Volume II. 1998. pp. v + 289-770. Numerous woodcuts.

2/188. Olaus Magnus … / Volume III. 1998. pp. v + 771-1247. Numerous woodcuts.

2/189. Petr Petrovich Semenov / Travels in the Tian’-Shan’ / 1856-1857. Edited by Colin Thomas. Translated by Liudmila Gilmour, Colin Thomas & Marcus Wheeler. 1998. pp. xliii + 269. 15 colour plates, 4 maps.

The first English translation of Semenov’s journal, based largely on N.G. Fradkin’s Russian edition, Moscow 1946. Semenov’s was the first scientific expedition to penetrate the hostile and largely unknown Russo-Chinese borderlands, returning with ethnological data and a vast collection of geological and botanical specimens.

2/190. The Travels of Ibn Battuta / A.D. 1325-1354 / Index / Volume V. Compiled by A. D. H. Bivar. 2000. pp. x + 153.