The Hakluyt Society for scholarly books on voyages of discovery, history of exploration, maritime history, historical travel accounts

Since its foundation in 1846, the Hakluyt Society has been centrally concerned with the publication of scholarly editions of primary records of voyages and travels. With some 370 volumes published, this remains our principal activity, while we now extend our work to conferences, lectures and the award of grants and prizes. The volumes, which are distributed to current members, are illustrated with maps and plates and are widely prized for their standards of scholarship and book production.

The Hakluyt Society is named after Richard Hakluyt (1552-1616), collector and editor of narratives of voyages and travels and other documents relating to English interests overseas, his most celebrated work being The Principal Navigations, Voyages and Discoveries of the English Nation. His name was almost certainly pronounced hak’loowt, the family having come from the forest of Clwyd in the historic county of Radnor.

Membership of the Hakluyt Society is open to all and is strongly recommended to everybody interested in the history of exploration and travel, exploratory voyages, geographical discovery and worldwide cultural encounter.

On payment of an annual subscription, members receive all volumes issued by the Society (other than those of the Extra Series) for the year of membership. These historically significant texts and translations, often appearing in print for the first time, are fully annotated, well illustrated with maps and plates, and conform to the highest standards of scholarship. As such they often represent the ‘last word’ on the material they embrace, and are widely valued by historians and geographers throughout the world. Normally, two volumes are published each year, representing extraordinary value for money. These books are beautifully bound and printed, and stamped in gold with the familiar ‘Victoria’ logo of the Society, and rapidly become treasured collectors’ items.

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Latest Journal article

Anthony Payne: Richard Hakluyt’s Oxford Lectures. Hakluyt’s innovative geographical lectures at Oxford are the primary focus of this essay, which attempts to clarify their nature and dispel confusion in existing references about their context. A documentary appendix prints Hakluyt’s references to his education and lectures, taken from his Principall Navigations (1589) and his manuscript ‘Analysis’ of Aristotle’s Politics. Download here

Hakluyt Society Annual Lecture 2021

This year’s annual lecture, ‘The Volga: the River as a Frontier’, presented by Professor Janet Hartley to follow the AGM on 16 June 2021, is available as a video on this website. To watch the lecture please follow this link.

January conference, planned for Paris

Extensive material from the January conference, ‘Maps and Mapping in English-speaking countries in the 17th and 18th centuries’, is now available as youtube videos. This is separated into two days, 15th and 16th January, at the following locations:

Festschrift published for Will Ryan

Our former president, Will Ryan FBA, has been honoured by the publication of Magic, Travel and Texts, with much Hakluyt Society content. For more detail please follow this link.

Latest Member Volume

Spanish and Portuguese Conflict in the Spice Islands: the Loaysa Expedition to the Moluccas 1525-1535 / Edited by Glen F. Dille

From Book XX of The Second Part of the General and Natural History of the Indies by Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo y Valdés.

213 pages, 6 maps, including a 26-page introduction, bibliography, notes, etc. A translation of thirty-one chapters of Oviedo’s History describing two little known but remarkable voyages that followed in the wake of Magellan: the first led by García Jofre de Loaysa, and the second, a relief expedition, led by Alvaro Saavedra. An Appendix includes the ‘Narrative of Andrés de Urdaneta’.

This book is issued free of charge to Society members.

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