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English travellers to Venice 1450-1600

This Hakluyt Society volume contains 35 separate accounts of visits by English travellers to Venice during the period 1450 to 1600.[…]

The Javanese Travels of Purwalelana

A nobleman's account of his journey across the island of Java 1860-1875 by Judith E. Bosnak and Frans X. Koot. Hakluyt Society, 2020[…]

Information for authors

Proposals are invited from prospective authors and editors who have prepared material that might be suitable for publication by the Hakluyt Society[…]

Annual Lectures in print

The Hakluyt Society publishes the invited talks and lectures given at its Annual General Meetings and som of these publications are still in print.[…]

Bibliography of the Hakluyt Society Extra Series

Bibliography of the Hakluyt Society extra Series, occasional booklets, annual lectures and talks in annual reports[…]