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The Trustees of The Hakluyt Society

2018 - 2019


Professor Jim Bennett


Professor Glyn Williams (past president)

Professor Suzanne Schwarz
Professor Will Ryan (past president)
Capt. Michael Barritt (past president)
 Professor Roy Bridges (past president)
 Dr Sarah Tyacke (past president)
Professor Felipe Fernández-Armesto


(with date of election)

Dr Edmond Smith (2017)
Professor Michael Brennan (2018)
Dr Jack Benson (co-opted) Professor Sebastian Sobecki (2015)
Dr Guido van Meersbergen (co-opted) Royal Geographical Society:
Dr Bronwen Everill (2017)
Dr Natalie Cox (2017)
Dr John McAleer (2015)
Dr Joan-Pau Rubiés (2016) 
Professor Ladan Niayesh (2017) Dr John Smedley (2018)
Professor Dan Carey (2014)
Dr Felicity Stout (2017)
Dr Nicholas Evans (2016)Professor Nandini Das (2014)
Dr Megan Barford (2018)



Honorary Treasurer
Alastair Bridges

Honorary Joint Series Editors
Dr Gloria Clifton
Professor Joyce Lorimer

Honorary Editor (Online Publications)
Raymond John Howgego FRGS

Honorary Archivist
Dr Margaret Makepeace

Honorary Advisor (Contracts)
Bruce Hunter

Honorary Administrative Editor
Dr Katharine Parker


Australia: Dr Martin Woods,
Curator of Maps, National Library of Australia, Canberra, ACT 2601

Canada: Professor Cheryl Fury

Central America: Dr Stewart D. Redwood
PO Box 0832-1784, World Trade Center
Panama City, Republic of Panama

France: Contre-amiral François Bellec
1 place Henri Barbusse
F92300 Levallois

Germany: Monika Knaden,
Lichtenraderstrasse 40, 12049 Berlin

Iceland: Professor Anna Agnarsdóttir
Department of History, University of Iceland
Arnagardur Vid Sudurgotu, Reykjavik 101

Japan: Dr Derek Massarella,
Faculty of Economics, Chuo University, Higashinakano 742-1,
Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-03

Netherlands: Dr Anita van Dissel,
Room number 2.66a, Johan Huizingagebouw Doezensteeg 16,
2311 VL Leiden

New Zealand: John C. Robson,
Map Librarian, University of Waikato Library, Private Bag 3105, Hamilton.

Portugal: Dr Manuel Ramos,
Av. Elias Garcia 187, 3Dt, 1050 Lisbon

Spain: Ambassador Dámaso de Lario
Glorietta López de Hoyos, 4, 28002, Madrid

Switzerland: Dr Tanja Bührer,
Universität Bern, Historisches Institut, Unitobler,
Länggasstrasse 49, 3000 Bern 9

Russia: Professor Alexei V. Postnikov,
Institute of the History of Science and Technology,
Russian Academy of Sciences, 1/5 Staropanskii per.,
Moscow 103012

United States: Professor Mary C. Fuller
Literature Section, 14N-405, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA, 02139-4307.

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