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Hakluyt Society Research Funding & Essay Prize

Hakluyt Society Essay Prize

The Hakluyt Society awards an annual essay prize (or more than one, if the judges so decide) of up to a total of £1,000. The competition is open to any registered graduate student at a higher education institution (a university or equivalent) or to anyone who has been awarded a graduate degree in the past three years. If possible, t
he prize will be presented at the Hakluyt Society’s Annual General Meeting in London in June.
Prizewinners will be invited to present a paper on the topic of their essay at a Hakluyt Society Symposium (in which case travel expenses within the UK will be reimbursed)
and will also receive a one-year membership of the Society. Submissions for the 2019 prize are now being assessed, and the winner(s) will be announced in a few months time.
Submissions for the 2020 prize are now invited, the deadline for which will be 30 November 2019. For further details, and instructions on how to submit your essay, please download the information sheet.

This year's winners

The Society is pleased to announce that the winner of the Hakluyt Society Essay Prize for 2019 is James Taylor, a graduate student at City, University of London, for his essay, 'Gift-Giving, Reciprocity and the Negotiation of Power in European Encounters with Southeast Asia, c.1500-1824'.

An Honourable Mention is awarded to Lior Blum, a PhD student at the University of Southampton, for his essay, 'Foundations Made of Wood, a Roof Made of Gold: the Influence of the Camwood Trade  on the History of English Activity in West Africa in the Seventeenth Century'.

Our thanks to all the participants and warmest congratulations to the winners.

Research Funding Initiative from the Hakluyt Society

In furtherance of the principal objects of the Hakluyt Society, to promote the study of historical exploration, travel, and worldwide cultural encounter, the Society, in a new initiative, has established two schemes of research funding. These are:
  • The Hakluyt Society Research Grant, up to six of which will be available per calendar year, with a maximum allocation of £1500 each.
  • The Hakluyt Society Short-Term Fellowship, two of which will be available per calendar year. The Fellowship may be held for a maximum of four months, with a maximum allowance of £1650 per month. 
These funding opportunities are open to anyone whose research interests meet with and promote the objects of the Hakluyt Society. All applicants must be members of the Hakluyt Society, and applications must be received by 31 January 2019. If you think you might be eligible for the award of a research grant or short-term fellowship, please download the Application Form, which gives further details.

The Hakluyt Society is pleased to announce that the panel for research funding applications, 2019, have made awards for the following projects.

Short-term fellowships

Professor Jeffrey Auerbach, ‘Exploring Palestine’

Dr Éva Mária Sebestyén, ‘Travels of László Magyar in the Interior of Southern Africa in the Years 1848-1857’

Research grants

Professor Margaret Hunt, ‘The Life and Death of a Seventeenth-century East India Company Ship: Trade, Violence and Global Encounters in the Early Modern World’

Dr Daniel Simpson, ‘Dissident Ethnography on the Voyages of the Rattlesnake, 1846-1850’

Dr Haig Smith, ‘Religious Diversity in the Subcontinent and its Role the Development of the East India Company’s Government c. 1639-1750’

Dr Alasdair Macfarlane, ‘The Unpublished and the Unproclaimed: Correspondence and Travel Accounts of Darien within the Spencer Collection’