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Annual Lectures in print

The Society publishes the invited talks and lectures given at its Annual General Meetings. Until 1995 the talks were printed in the Annual Report, but since 1996 they have been published separately and distributed to members free of charge.
The following lectures remain available and may be ordered from the Society's office at the prices shown below. Please note that lectures delivered in 2004, 2009 and 2015 were not published, and that pre-2000 lectures are sold out.

The following lectures were available in January 2019. Prices (which include postage) are:
2000-2002: £3.50  2005-2012: £4.00  2013-2018: £5.00

Note that the dates given below are those in which the lecture was delivered. Publication dates will be the following year.

2000 Before Empire: The English Cartographic View of the World in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, by Sarah Tyacke. ISBN 0 904180 74 3.

2001 English Civil War Travellers and the Origins of the Western European Grand Tour
, by Michael Brennan. ISBN 0 904180 75 1.

2002 The North West Passage in the Nineteenth Century: Perils and Pastimes of a Winter in the Ice
, by Ann Savours. ISBN 0 904180 77 8 

2005 Fort Yukon: The Hudson's Bay Company in Russian America, by C. Ian Jackson. ISBN 1584 090 4180 891.

2006 Untruth and Consequences: Raleigh's Discoverie of Guiana and the 'Salting' of the Gold Mine, by Joyce Lorimer. ISBN 0-904180-93-X / 978-0-904180-93-0.

2007 Voyaging Worlds, by Anne Salmond. ISBN 978-0-904180-94-7.

2008 Continental Travel and Journeys beyond Europe in the Early Modern Period: An Overlooked Connection, by Daniel Carey. ISBN 978-0-904180-96-1. £3.50

2010 Invented and Apocryphal Narratives of Travel: from Ancient Egypt to the Present Day, by Raymond Howgego. ISBN 978-0-904180-98-5.

2011 Pedro Pez's History of Ethiopia: On Exploration, Refutation and Censorship, by Manuel João Ramos. ISBN 978-1-908145-04-8.

2012 Richard Hakluyt as Editor, by Daniel Carey. ISBN 978-1-908145-05-5.

2013 'A Just and Honorable Commerce': Abolitionist Experimentation in Sierra Leone in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries, by Suzanne Schwarz.  ISBN 978-1-908145-12-3.

2014 Geographies of the Prime Meridian, by Charles W. J. Withers.  ISBN 978-1-908145-13-0.

2016 Experiments in Reading Richard Hakluyt's Principal Navigations, by Mary C. Fuller. ISBN 978-1-908145-17-8.
2017 Sir Thomas Roe: Eyewitness to a Changing World, by Nandini Das. ISBN 978-1-908145-21-5

2018 Disease & Discontent: the Impact of Seamen's Health on Shipboard Order in the Early East India Company, by Cheryl Fury. ISBN 978-1-908145-22-2