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Selim Aga: New Light on his Life and Explorations in West Africa

by James McCarthy


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Imagined portrait of Selim Aga at age 10, drawn by Yassir Abidi Berdewil from Burton's description and characteristic features of natives of Taqali

Part of the letter from John H. Glover to the Royal Geographical Society recommending Selim Aga as leader of an expedition to retrieve Dr Vogel's papers from Kano. (Royal Geographical Society archives)

Selim Aga's pamphlet, Africa Considered in its Social and Political Condition with a Plan for the Amelioration of its Inhabitants, 1853 (British Library)

An advertisement for the African Amelioration Society (British Library)

Map showing the route of Selim Aga's proposed trans-Africa railway (British Library)