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A meeting to commemorate the life and work of Professor David Beers Quinn, and especially his contributions to the Hakluyt Society, was held at the Warburg Institute, London, on Thursday, 13th March 2003. The President of the Society, Professor Roy Bridges, took the chair and the following addresses were delivered. (Click on the titles to read the complete texts of the talks.)

Keynote Address: Professor Glyndwr Williams, Queen Mary London:
David Beers Quinn and the Hakluyt Society
(A shortened version of this address appeared in the Society’s Annual Report for 2002 as the Society’s official obituary.)

Professor Mary Daly, Royal Irish Academy:
D. B. Quinn and Ireland

Professor H. G. Jones, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:
David Beers Quinn, the Roanoke Voyages, and North Carolina (Or, ‘Trotting Out David Quinn’)

Professor Barry Gough, Wilfrid Laurier University:
Quinn and Canada

Dr David Dutton, University of Liverpool
D. B. Quinn and the University of Liverpool

Dr Joyce Lorimer, Wilfrid Laurier University
Working with D. B. Quinn

Sir Ian Gourlay KCB
Archival Research Task Force on Frobisher

Mrs Sarah Tyacke CB, Keeper of the Public Records
Quinn, the Hakluyt Society and Map Friends, 1909 - 2002

Professor Sanford Bederman
David Beers Quinn and the Society for the History of Discoveries

Professor Norman Thrower, UCLA:
Quinn and the USA
(in absentia - read by Professor Sanford Bederman of the Society for the History of Discoveries.)

Among those present were Mr and Mrs Nicholas Quinn, son and daughter-in-law and Mrs Brigid Wainwright, daughter of Professor Quinn. The proceedings were followed by a reception hosted by the Hakluyt Society

The Published Work of David Quinn for the Hakluyt Society

he Voyages and Colonising Enterprises of Sir Humphrey Gilbert
, ed. by David Beers Quinn. 2 vols. 1940. [Hakluyt Society, second series, nos 83 & 84]

The Roanoke Voyages 1584-1590. Documents to illustrate the English Voyages to North America under the Patent granted to Walter Raleigh in 1584, ed. by David Beers Quinn. 2 vols. 1955. [Hakluyt Society, second series, nos. 104 & 105]

The Principall Navigations Voiages and Discoveries of the English Nation by Richard Hakluyt. Imprinted at London 1589. Facsimile edition with an Introduction by David Beers Quinn & R. A. Skelton and a new index compiled by Alison Quinn. 2 vols. 1965. [Hakluyt Society, extra series, nos. 39a & 39b]

‘Richard Hakluyt and his Followers’ by D. B. Quinn, being the résumé of a lecture given before the Society in October 1972 and published with the Annual Report (1973), pp. 1-11. [The first in the series of published texts of Hakluyt Society annual lectures.]

The Hakluyt Handbook, ed. by D. B. Quinn. 2 vols. 1974. [Hakluyt Society, second series, nos 144 & 145]
This work includes:
D. B. Quinn, ‘Hakluyt’s Reputation’ pp. 133-52; ‘North America’, pp. 244-53; D. B. & A. M. Quinn, ‘A Hakluyt Chronology’ pp. 263-331; A. M. & D. B. Quinn, ‘Contents and Sources of the Three Major Works’ pp. 335-460; D. B. Quinn, C. E. Armstrong & R. A. Skelton, ‘The Primary Hakluyt Bibliography’, pp. 461-575. The indexes, pp. 649-707, are by A. M. Quinn.

The English New England Voyages 1602-1608, ed. by David B. Quinn & Alison M. Quinn. 1983. [Hakluyt Society, second series, no. 161]

A Particuler Discourse Concerning the Greate Necessitie and Manifolde Commodyties that are like to Growe to this Realm of England by the Westerne Discoueries lately Attempted, Written in the Yere 1584. By Richard Hackluyt of Oxford. Known as Discourse of Western Planting, ed. by David B. Quinn & Alison M. Quinn. 1993. [Hakluyt Society, extra series, no. 45]

D. B. Quinn, ‘R. A. Skelton of the Map Room’, Compassing the Vaste Globe of the Earth. Studies in the History of the Hakluyt Society 1846-1996, ed. by R. C. Bridges & P. E. H. Hair. 1996. Pp. 201-7. [Hakluyt Society, second series, no. 183]