The Journal of the Hakluyt Society

The history, purpose, and objects of the Journal

At the meeting of the Council of the Hakluyt Society held at the Royal Geographical Society on 28th June 2006, Mr R. J. Howgego put forward a proposal for the creation of an online publication to be known as The Journal of the Hakluyt Society. It was thought that such a development would not only serve to advance the stated aims and objects of the Society but would also, via the medium of the Internet, bring the work of the Society to the attention of a much wider audience. In addition, publication in solely electronic form would not be subject to the costs incurred by the production and circulation of a printed journal which would necessarily have led to an increase in the membership fee. After some discussion, members of Council accepted the proposal on condition that an editorial board be appointed to assess the content of submitted articles and to ensure that the material maintained the high standards of scholarship for which the Society is known. It was also agreed that a printed copy of all submissions should be retained for Society archives, and that articles would be accepted from both members and non-members of the Society.

Submission of articles

Articles are invited from both members and non-members of the Society and should relate directly to the aims of the Society, that is the advancement of education through the publication of original material dealing with discovery and exploration, historical travel, and cultural encounter. They must be forwarded to the editor either as email attachments or by post on memory stick or CD-ROM. Any common text format is acceptable, but Rich Text Format (rtf) or MSWord (doc & docx) are preferred.
It is expected that articles comply closely with the Hakluyt Society style sheet (see below), particularly with regard to footnote citations.
The editor reserves the right to correct, amend or shorten any article as he sees fit, but will carry out such changes only after consultation with the author. Changes of spelling and formatting will be made to conform to the style sheet in use for all Hakluyt Society publications.
If the article includes images and/or maps, these should be sent separately from the text, together with a separate text file giving their insertion points and captions.

A house style sheet for prospective authors of articles for the Journal is available by clicking here.


Copyright on all published articles transfers automatically to the Hakluyt Society with the possible exception of images, over which the author may retain copyright if desired. Full details of the Society's position on copyright, and the author's rights to re-use their own work, may be obtained from the editor.

How to cite an article in the Journal

Citations to articles in this Journal should be given in the form: Author, 'Title', Journal of the Hakluyt Society (URL), publication month, page number within article.

Example: John Smith (or Smith, John), 'The Voyage of Columbus', Journal of the Hakluyt Society (, Jan. 2009, pp. 28-30.


All correspondence regarding the Journal must be directed in the first instance to the editor, Raymond Howgego, at

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