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Third Series. Compiled by R. J. Howgego
Nos. 1 - 25 (1999 - 2012)

1. Searching for Franklin / the Land Arctic Searching Expedition 1855 / James Anderson's and James Stewart's Expedition via the Black River. Edited by William Barr. 1999. pp. xv + 292. 13 half tone plates.

Transcripts of letters and journals from various archives relating to the Arctic expedition of James Stewart and James Anderson. With explanatory text and a critical evaluation.

2. The Discovery of River Gambra (1623) by Richard Jobson. Edited, with additional material, by David P. Gamble and P. E. H. Hair. 1999. pp. xvi + 341. 2 colour plates, 13 half tone plates and illustrations, 8 line drawings, 3 maps.

Edition of Jobson’s account of his voyage up the River Gambia, the earliest to survive in English, and first published in 1623; his journal, first published by Purchas in 1625; and a petition. Including translations of earlier Portuguese accounts of the river.

3. The Travel Diary of Robert Bargrave Levant Merchant (1647-1656). Edited by Michael G. Brennan. 1999. pp. xix + 288. 17 illustrations.

Full transcript of a manuscript journal in the Bodleian Library detailing four separate journeys, two between Constantinople and England, by sea and overland, one to Spain and Venice and one from Venice to England. With an introduction and assessment of the importance of the journal.

4. The Discovery of the South Shetland Islands / The Voyage of the Brig Williams, 1819-1820 and The Journal of Midshipman C.W. Poynter. Edited by R. J. Campbell. 2000. pp. xv + 248. 16 colour plates, 6 monochrome plates, 9 maps.

Transcripts of Midshipman Poynter’s firsthand account of the voyage, and other transcripts of contemporary documents relating to various voyages to the South Shetland Islands. With an introduction and historical evaluation.

5. Pieter van den Broecke's Journal of Voyages to Cape Verde, Guinea and Angola (1605-1612). Edited by James D. La Fleur. 2000. pp. xv + 139. 1 colour plate, 1 illustration, 7 maps.

An English translation from an original manuscript that was first published in an abridged and altered form in 1634. The translation is of that section of the manuscript describing four trading voyages to Africa and is extensively annotated. With an explanatory introduction.

6. The Third Voyage of Martin Frobisher to Baffin Island, 1578. Edited by James McDermott. 2001. pp. x + 268. 5 half tone plates, 1 map.

Transcripts of various contemporary accounts of this voyage. Some are transcripts of manuscripts published for the first time, including journals and ships’ logs, and others are new editions of contemporary printed accounts. With an introduction.

7. João Rodrigues's Account of Sixteenth-Century Japan. Edited by Michael Cooper. 2001. pp. xli + 428. 30 monochrome plates.

An annotated translation from the Portuguese of Rodrigues’s account of Japanese life and culture. Reproduced in English for the first time. With an introduction, including an account of Rodrigues’s separate ‘History’.

8. The Malaspina Expedition 1789-1794 / The Journal of the Voyage by Alejandro Malaspina / Volume I /
Cadiz to Panama. Edited by Andrew David, Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, Carlos Novi and Glyndwr Williams. 2001. pp. xcviii + 338. 39 colour and monochrome plates, 9 maps.

Volume one. Translations from the Spanish of Malaspina’s journals 1789-1790 covering his travels round South America. With appendices of related correspondence and papers. The introduction includes an explanation of Malaspina’s original intention to produce an edition of his voyages in seven volumes. For volume two see Third Series 11.

9. The Pacific Journal of Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, 1767-1768. Edited by John Dunmore. 2002. pp. lxxvii + 313. 2 colour plates, 3 illustrations, 6 maps.

English translation from an edition of Bougainville’s journal, first published from the original in French in 1977. Including a selection of documents written by those who sailed with Bougainville. With an introduction.

10. The Central Australian Expedition 1844-1846 / The Journals of Charles Sturt. Edited by Richard C. Davis. 2002. pp. lxxi + 366. Colour frontispiece, 1 colour plate, 3 half tone plates, map.

Transcript and annotated edition of Sturt’s journals from a privately held manuscript. With an introduction and critical evaluation of the expedition and appendices of supplementary documents.

11. The Malaspina Expedition 1789-1794 / ... / Volume II
/ Panama to the Philippines. Edited by Andrew David, Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, Carlos Novi and Glyndwr Williams. 2003. pp. xx + 511. 44 colour and monochrome plates, 7 maps.

Volume two. Translations from the Spanish of journals 1790-1792 covering Malaspina’s travels along the Pacific coast of Central and North America and across the Pacific to the Philippines. With appendices of related correspondence and an explanation of a diversion of the expedition in 1791. For volume one see Third Series 8.

12. The Arctic Whaling Journals of William Scoresby the Younger /
Volume I / The Voyages of 1811, 1812 and 1813. Edited by C. Ian Jackson. 2003. pp. lxi + 242. 9 monochrome illustrations, 5 maps.

Volume one, covering voyages of 1811-1813. Scoresby kept journals of his annual voyages; these were transcribed for him after 1820. This edition uses the transcripts of the journals with reference to the originals. With an introduction.

13. The Malaspina Expedition 1789-1794 / ... /
Volume III / Manila to Cadiz. Translated by Sylvia Jamieson. Edited by Andrew David, Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, Carlos Novi and Glyndwr Williams. 2004, pp. xxi + 487, colour frontispiece, 4 colour half-tones, 13 sepia half-tones, 41 black and white half-tones, 6 maps.

Volume three. Translations from the Spanish of journals November 1792 to September 1794 covering Malaspina's travels from Manila to Australia and New Zealand and across the South Pacific to South America and home to Cádiz. Includes a bibliography, biographies of the officers, and various appendixes relating to the ships, navigational instruments, etc.

14. The Origins of the Grand Tour / 1649-1663 / The Travels of Robert Montagu, Lord Mandeville, William Hammond and Banaster Maynard. Edited by Michael Brennan. 2004, pp. xvii+ 331, 49 plates.

Three previously unpublished accounts of English travellers in Western Europe, together with biographical information for the travellers and an introductory essay on the origins and development of the 'Grand Tour'.

15. Sir Walter Ralegh's Discoverie of Guiana. Edited by Joyce Lorimer. 2006, pp. xcvii + 360, 6 plates, 5 maps.

The annotated text of a previously unpublished copy of Ralegh's fair manuscript draft of the Discoverie of Guiana, with, on facing pages, the subsequent printed version. The Introduction provides a comprehensive historical background to the voyage. Appendixes include numerous previously unpublished letters and correspondences.

16. The Guiana Travels of Robert Schomburgk / 1835–1844 /
Volume I / Explorations on behalf of the Royal Geographical Society, 1835–1839. Edited by Peter Rivière. 2006, pp. xiii + 406, 13 plates, 3 maps.

Volume one, the full reports of Schomburgk's exploration of the interior of Guiana for the Royal Geographical Society, 1835-39, including his overland journey to the Orinoco to connect with the survey of Alexander von Humboldt. Introductory essay and biography of Schomburgk.

17. The Guiana Travels of Robert Schomburgk / ... /
Volume II / The Boundary Survey, 1840–1844. 2006, pp. xii + 266, 12 plates, 3 maps.

Volume two, the full reports of Schomburgk's survey to fix, on behalf of the British Government, the boundaries of the British colony of Guiana, 1841-43. Bibliography and glossary of vernacular plant names.

18. Four Travel Journals / The Americas, Antarctica and Africa / 1775-1874. Edited by Herbert K. Beals, R. J. Campbell, Ann Savours, Anita McConnell & Roy Bridges. 2007, pp. x + 404, 50 plates, 8 maps.

The annotated texts of four previously unpublished travel journals, treated separately with biographical and historical introductions, bibliographies and indexes:
1. The 1775 Journal of Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra compiled during a Spanish survey of the north-west coast of America. Edited by Herbert K. Beals.
2. The Journal of HMS Beagle in the Strait of Magellan by Pringle Stokes, Commander RN, 1827. Edited by R. J. Campbell.
3. Journal kept by Midshipman Joseph Henry Kay during the voyage of HMS Chanticleer, 1828-31. Edited by Ann Savours and Anita McConnell.
4. Jacob Wainwright's Diary of the Transportation of Dr Livingstone's Body to the Coast, May 1873 to February 1874. Edited by Roy Bridges.

19. A Traveller in Thirteenth-Century Arabia / Ibn al-Mujawir's Tarikh al-Mustabsir
Trans. & edited by G. Rex Smith. 2008, pp. xix + 341, 1 plate, 15 plans & maps. ISBN 978-0-904180-91-6.

The first English translation of Ibn al-Mujawir's travels to Mecca, Yemen, Aden, and along the coast of South Arabia to the Persian Gulf. Historical and biographical introduction, bibliography and glossary of Arabic terms.

20. The Arctic Whaling Journals of William Scoresby the Younger/ Volume II / The Voyages of 1814, 1815 and 1816 / Edited by C. Ian Jackson / With an Appendix by George Huxtable. 2008, pp. xxxvii + 308, 8 plates, 3 maps.

Volume two, containing the unpublished accounts of Scoresby's three voyages in the Esk in 1814-16. Bibliography, and an essay on Scoresby's navigational methods by George Huxtable.

21. The Arctic Whaling Journals of William Scoresby the Younger/ Volume III / The Voyages of 1817, 1818 and 1820 / Edited by C. Ian Jackson / With an Appendix by Fred M. Walker. 2009, pp. xlii + 245, 2 plates, 3 maps, 6 line drawings.

Volume three, containing the unpublished journals of Scoresby's voyage in the Esk in 1817, in the Fame in 1818, and in the new ship Baffin in 1820. Includes an essay on the design and contruction of Arctic whalers by Fred M. Walker. Bibliography, index, conversion tables and glossary of terms.

22. William Robert Broughton's Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific 1795-1798 / Edited by Andrew David / With an Introduction by Barry Gough. 2010, pp. lxx + [14] + 315, 9 plates, 12 maps.

The complete transcript of William Broughton's handwritten journal of his survey of the northwest Pacific, the Kurile Islands, the Siberian coast, Japan and Korea, and his journey across Mexico in 1793. Bibliography, index, appendixes of related correspondence, biographies of ship's company, etc.

23. Pedro Páez's History of Ethiopia, 1622 / Volume I / Edited by Isabel Boavida, Hervé Pennec & Manuel João Ramos. Translated by Christopher J. Tribe. 2011, pp. xx + [4] + 501, 16 plates, 2 maps.

The first English translation of books 1 and 2 of the História da Etiópia by the Spanish Jesuit missionary Pedro Páez (1564-1622). Based on the new critical edition of Boavida, Pennec and Ramos published at Lisbon in 2008. Includes a Preface, 55-page Introduction, tables of weights and measurements, and a chronology of Ethiopian emperors.

24. Pedro Páez's History of Ethiopia, 1622 / Volume II / Edited by Isabel Boavida, Hervé Pennec & Manuel João Ramos. Translated by Christopher J. Tribe. 2011, pp. ix + 429, 1 plate.

This second volume continues with books 3 and 4 of Páez's História, followed by a historical glossary, bibliography, and index to the two volumes.

25. Japanese Travellers in Sixteenth-Century Europe: A Dialogue Concerning the Mission of the Japanese Ambassadors to the Roman Curia (1590) / Edited by Derek Massarella. Translated by J. F. Moran. 2012, pp. 504, 13 plates, 3 maps.

An annotated translation of De Missione Legatorum Iaponensium ad Romanum curiam (Macao, 1590), describing the journey of four Japanese boys sent to Europe in 1582-90 by Alessandro Valignano, Visitor to the Jesuit mission in the East Indies.

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